Monday, May 8, 2017

[News Boquete] Are You Fed Up With Not Feeling As Good As You Think You Should Be Feeling?

Your Body Is Asking You For Something Other Than It Is Being Given

 Time For You To Take Control

It's as simple as changing something in your life for ONLY 30 MINUTES A DAY!  

If you can fit 30 minutes a day into your schedule, then read on....

          Join the next "Stretching for EveryBODY" 3 part clinic at The Haven

BOB ANDERSON, author of Stretching for Everyday Fitness....for decades has worked with the Broncos, the Jets, the Dodgers, etc...

"We can learn a lot from animals. Watch a cat or dog. 

They instinctively know how to stretch. 

They do so spontaneously and responsibly, never over-stretching, 

as they naturally and continually tune up muscles they will have to use."



 The methods taught at The Haven are gentle and easy, conforming to individual differences in muscle tension, flexibility, and age. You do not need to be in top physical condition or have specific athletic skills.  No matter who you are the same techniques apply.

Why Stretch? — Proven Benefits

  • Increases strength and flexibility in the spine, legs, wrists & fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees & hips
  • Increases range of motion and mobility in all limbs
  • Increases energy, promotes circulation, slows the aging process
  • Reduces muscle tension & makes the body feel more relaxed
  • Prevent injuries such as muscle strain
  • Helps coordination by allowing for freer and easier movement
  • Look younger, fresher, and be stronger
  • It just plain feels good!

What's Included?

Three 75 Minute Sessions - Personal Instruction - Handouts

 Individual Stretching Routines for EveryBODY, especially those over 50

First Thing in the Morning 

Before & After Walking 

Relief of Lower Back Tension or Pain

After Sitting for Long Periods

Simple Stretches You Can do While Watching TV

  • We will also cover sport specific questions should there be any


Monday       May 22    10:30am - 11:45am

Wed            May 24    10:30am - 11:45am

Friday          May 26    10:30am - 11:45am



The Haven Hotel & Spa Yoga Center

~ Maximum attendance is 8 ~  

~ Everyone receives personal attention ~

How Much?

Suggested donation is $50 per person, which covers all 3 classes, all instruction, and all hand-outs.

How do I Sign Up?

Reply to Michael at to RSVP, or stop by The Haven reception desk.  If I am not available, the receptionist will take your reservation and donation. 

~ RSVP soon as space is limited! 


Email Michael at 

Important Note!

If you are unsure about beginning these exercises because of physical issues, please email me to schedule a 20 minute consultation. There is no fee for this consultation. If for any reason this is not for you I will tell you.

Yours in Health,


Private Sessions Available

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