Thursday, June 29, 2017

[News Boquete] Dalis & Don at Chiriqui Flea Market

Dalis at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market, Carla Black's Event & Mana    I will be at Restaurante Mana, in Volcan, from 8-11 AM on Friday.  On Saturday & Sunday, 8 AM-4 PM, I will be set up at Carla Black's Annual Heliconia Sale.    I'll have my sister at Carla's event on Sunday while I am at the Chiriqui Storage Flea Market, 10 AM-1 PM.  I have the following for sale at all three events(G is for grafted tree, all are organic). Plants can be reserved by calling me at 6914-4280,   or email donwiththemonkeys@ yahoo.    Trees:  $2: Cacao(20), Mulberry(9)  $4: Cinnamon(6), Cashew(10),  Araza(8), Zapote Colombiano(4), Indian Neem(4)  $5: Figs(20), Taiwanese Guava(8), Peppercorn plants(3)  $6: Pears(8), Mangostin(6)  $7: Green Plums(10)   $8: Tangerines(G-10), Persa Lemons(G-6), Pink Grapefruit(G-10), Valencia Oranges(G-12)  $12: Mango(G-5)    Fragrant Flowers:  $6: Mock Orange, Arabian Jasmine  $10: Gardenias   $12 Honeysuckle, YlangYlang  Other Flowers:  $7 & 10: Bougainvilleas – a variety of colors  $10: Solandra Vine  $12 Clerodendrum Quadriloculare & Thomsoniae    Colorful Leaf Plants:   $4: Crotons, Copper Leaf Plant    At Mana I will also have:  Frozen Panang Chicken & Chili con Carne are both $4.  Raisin Spice & Candied Fruit bars are 0.50 or 5 for $2.   Chocolate Bars are 0.75 or 3 for $2.  Walnut or Almond Banana Breads are $3.50.  Honey Whole Wheat Bread big loaf is $4 & mini loaves are $1.50.    

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