Sunday, July 9, 2017

[News Boquete] Another Chiriqui.Life Podcast #06: An Interview with Lloyd Cripe, Boquete's Mr. Weatherman

The owners/administrators of the Chiriqui.Life (CL) website are very pleased to announce the release of its sixth audio podcast in the series that is called "Chiriqui.Life Podcasts". These podcasts are produced by Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber, and basically are conversations with the "movers and shakers" in the Chiriqui highlands area. (Note: Chiriqui.Life Podcasts is a different series from the "Chiriqui.Life Stories" audio podcasts that are produced by Michael Schwartz and also published on CL.)
This audio podcast features Lloyd Cripe. Lloyd, along with his wife of almost 55 years Sandra, is a long term resident in the Palmira area of the Boquete District. He is better known as Boquete's Mr. Weatherman, which is a non-commercial community service that he provides. We learn that Lloyd is a retired Vietnam-era veteran, having served in the US Army as a helicopter pilot. We also learn that he is a doctor in clinical psychology. Lloyd has widely varying interests, including photography, astronomy, meteorology, bird photography, etc., all while operating a coffee finca. Lloyd obviously is not letting the dust collect under his shoes.

Podcasts are premium content on CL, which means that you need to be a registered member of CL and logged in. Membership on CL is free, so if you are not already a member, then register and listen to Lloyd tell his story.

Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber
Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life

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