Monday, July 3, 2017


The OTHER season that comes with the rainy season is here. I'm talking about the MOLDY SEASON. People are looking for ways to prevent or kill mold that is showing up on shoes, leather jackets, caps and hats, furniture, craperies, area rugs, etc.
EL MATADOR Mold Killer can prevent mold on those things and more, and it you already have mold you can wipe off the surface mold and spray with EL MATADOR Mold Killer, it will kill the mold and prevent its return. It is harmless to humans and pets (unless you're dumb enough to drink a whole bottle!)
My supply of mold killer is low right now because of a need for more spray bottles. I'll have the current supply with me at the Tuesday Market on July 4 and will probably have more available by the end of the week. Price is $10 for a 24 ounce spray bottle. When available, 16 ounce spray bottles are $7.
ANOTHER SHORTAGE. I have a reasonable quantity of EL MATADOR Colloidal Silver available. It also will kill mold and is especially good for book spines. Its main use is as a killer of microorganisms in and on your body. It kills more than 600 different bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. The present shortage is caused by lack of high quality distilled water, and I hope to find some in the next few days. Prices are: 4 ounces - $10, 8 ounces - $15 and 32 ounces - $45.
YEA! NO SHORTAGE! There is a good supply of EL MATADOR Boron Supplement for preventing and treating arthritis and osteoporosis. It also treats candida and yeast infections and helps balance female hormones. Quart bottle (up to 2 months supply) is $12
I supply a guide sheet by email for each product and also additional in-depth information for some of them. I'll have products in my car at the Tuesday Market. If I run out, I'll take your name and contact information for later delivery.
Bob Gregory

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