Monday, July 10, 2017

[News Boquete] Fwd: The Benefits of an Ozone Sauna

The Benefits of an Ozone Sauna

Way back in 1999, the foremost clinical ozone researcher in the world, Dr. Velio Bocci, published an article that looked at the effects of combining the benefits of a sauna with those of ozone. He measured how much oxygen and carbon dioxide was in the participant's blood and the blood levels of their TBARS. TBARS stand for thiobarbituric acid reactive substances. TBARS are formed as a byproduct of special molecules called peroxides. By measuring TBARS, you can get an idea of how many peroxides are in the blood. The higher the levels of TBARS in the blood, the higher the levels of peroxides. The carbon dioxide levels were reduced in the ozone/oxygen sessions.

All of this is critical because ozone works its miracles by generating increased levels of peroxide. The fact that the TBARS were so high after the ozone sessions indicated that the sauna was having the same sort of powerful systemic affect that we see in intravenous ozone therapy. And that's particularly great because sauna therapy does not require any needles and veins. An ozone sauna can produce systemic levels of peroxide which gives it the capability of treating every single condition. A long list which includes: cardiovascular disease, chronic viral infections, macular degeneration, acute viral infections, colitis, cancer, diabetes, toxicity, fatigue states, and even aging.

Sauna sessions available - $25.00 each

Contact: Kim Larson, Naturopathic practitioner

Location: Haven Spa, Boquete, Panama

Phone: 6133-7476


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