Monday, June 18, 2018

[News Boquete] Tuesday Market menu

El Gato Picante - The Spicy Cat
Tuesday Market menu for Juneteenth (June 19th)

Most items available on our economical $1 Menu

Cinnabons Yes!
Calif chicken salad Yes!
Cheesy green chili chicken tacos Yes!

Vegan choices, Yup
Cheesy vegan tacos, Stuffed eggplant, organic tri-color quinoa, beautiful turmeric basmati rice, creamy, spicy lentils. 

Small batch, fresh, healthy food.*
Organic ingredients as much as possible. 
Soy free*
No white sugar*

*Except the moist and gooey Cinnabons - they have flour, cream cheese, eggs, white sugar, a lot of high fat unsalted butter, ....sooo good 😋

Look for our table on the outer walkway just before Anna's Veggies, adjacent to Chox Chocolates

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