Monday, July 2, 2018


Last week I ran out of El Matador Mold Killer because of a lack of spray bottles.   I was able to find more of the smaller bottles that sell for $7.00 but none of the larger bottles that sell for $10.00.  Even the smaller bottles (16 ounces) were in short supply, and I only have ten available.

If you need El Matador Mold Killer to deal with mold on your shoes, leather caps, leather jackets, draperies, rugs, furniture or other places, you can send an email to me at, and I'll reserve one for you for pickup at my house or on Tuesday at the market.  I keep a supply in my car and wear my white tee shirt with the red "El Matador" logo at the market.  If I have some unreserved spray bottles,  I'll have them with me on Tuesday.  If you don't spot me, call my phone---6745-2828.

I'll continue to look for spray bottles and try to stock up on them.  If you have any good used Mold Killer spray bottles, I'll be glad to re-cycle them.

In other news, I have a reasonably good supply of El Matador Boron Supplement to help you prevent or treat arthritis or osteoporosis.  It also helps balance hormones and treats intestinal candida infections.  The cost for El Matador Boron Supplement is $12.00 for a bottle that lasts a month for treatment or two months for maintenance and prevention.

I also have a supply of El Matador Colloidal Silver in eight ounce bottles for $15 and quart bottles for $45.  Use it for colds, flu, gastroenteritis and other viral, bacterial or fungal infections

El Matador Ouch Aid high strength colloidal silver gel is available for burns. cuts, scrapes, irritations from insects and other topical uses.  A 90 milliliter jar costs $10.  A material called polyacrylate is used to make the gel.  Sometimes it gels so fast that there are tiny lumps that are not as smooth as the rest of the gel.  This is not harmful in any way, but our vast team of laboratory scientists is working to develop a way of making every batch consistently smooth. 

El Matador Pup Fresh to keep your dog smelling nice between baths is not available because it is sold in spray bottles that are currently unavailable.  If you send an email to me to let me know you want some, I'll notify you as soon as it is available.

For information and guide sheets for these and other El Matador products, please send an email to, using the subject, "El Matador".

Remember, every El Matador product is designed to kill something.  You just need to figure out what needs killing and contact me.

Bob Gregory

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